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E-gsjj.jpg    Our company was completed and put into production in September 1999, and has the right to export steel balls. It is an enterprise engaged in steel ball processing, production, manufacturing and trade. The company has strong production and development capabilities, with 40 senior and intermediate personnel, and good production and testing equipment. It mainly produces G2000, G1000, G500, G200, G100, G60, G28, G20, G16, G10, and the specifications range from 0.45 mm to 50 mm, etc. More than 40 specifications of carbon steel, high carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel balls, and its products are at a high level. The products are used in household appliances, bearings, automobiles, ships, airplanes, rotating parts of ballpoint pens, rotating parts of furniture, office facilities, cosmetics homogenizing devices and rotating parts of medical equipment, human medical treatment and other industries. Good manufacturing process, low product price, good product quality and good after-sales service have been praised by customers including European and American merchants.

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